Change is constant…

Do you know what’s going on in your area? Do you know what’s being built around you? Do you know what changes your town is considering implementing?


Today I met with a small business owner to discuss the possible effects that the new hospital facility being built next to his office building will have on his business. The initial thought was… It’s going to cause a lot more traffic and the traffic is already challenging.


How can he capitalize on this if he owns a company that isn’t related to the medical industry?


Well, that change just made the space that he rents PRIME LOCATION for a doctor. He can consider the option of subleasing it to a doctor (if the lease/landlord allows) or he can take advantage of the increased foot traffic and adjust his local advertising and marketing strategies to appeal to the patients visiting that facility.


Be aware of changes in your area. As cliché it sounds, THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX.


Make it work for YOU!


So what changes are currently happening in your area? Have any changes already impacted your business? Do you need some suggestions on how to pivot in-spite of the changes? Drop a comment below!


– Sam