SOP’s or Standard Operating Procedures.

    Do those three little words spark fear in you?

    Trust me when I say, they do not need to be as scary as they sound.

    Why are SOP’s so important?

    Every entrepreneur has their own way of executing various tasks, but they are often undocumented and therefore, non-transferable. Many entrepreneurs struggle with this and for good reason.

    Without a documented process, you do not have set expectations on what you want to get accomplished and how to get there, which makes it nearly impossible to effectively delegate tasks within your business.

    I’m sure you constantly find yourself training employees on the same things and answering the same questions over and over again,

    Or, better yet you are not getting the results you expected and you are feeling like you should have just done the task yourself thinking it would have saved some much time.

    STOP! There is no need to continue to struggle with this.


    START by creating a Standard Operating Procedure.

    START small and focus on one task, the task that occurs the most within your business. 

    This does not mean you have to spend hours of time putting together a fancy document with all the bells and whistles. You do not need to set aside hours on end during the day to recall step by step the process involved in each little last.

    The next time you perform this task yourself, simply record yourself while you are doing it! This can be via a video tool such as Loom, or you can manually write down the steps as you go.

    It’s as simple as that!

    No need to spend hours on end trying to remember what happens next in the process You can do it as you go.

    What is the task that is performed the most within your business? It should be front and center in your mind.  Don’t just think about it, go ahead and do it, and create that SOP as you go.

    Are you ready? Just do it!



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