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VoyageMIA Highlight

“Our brand is built around our mission: that the quality of marketing that is accessible to a small business shouldn’t be determined by how deep their pockets are. I am a Latina, born and raised in South Florida to Cuban immigrants, and had to bootstrap my way through a lot in both life and business. There was so much value in those experiences because it made me realize that accessibility was and still is scarce to minorities and so many others in our communities.”

FIU Entrepreneurship: Building Your Online Presence in a Post-COVID Environment

What does it take to get potential customers finding your business online?


“If used correctly, your customer relationship management (CRM) software can speak volumes about your clients, Espinosa said. Use it to remember birthdays, or to send reminders when a previously purchased product goes on sale.

Above all, don’t let the information get stale. Update it regularly, and use it to reach out with the next product or the next potential engagement for the customer, said Samantha Jade, owner of That’s SMART Business: “It’s the low hanging fruit – that’s the easiest way to explain it.”

Laptop Lifestyle Lawyer Podcast: Authentic Marketing

“…be intentional, because that’s where the scalability comes in. Someone just starting their firm, the first thing they need to do is to identify that ideal client avatar. I go through an exercise with the clients that I onboard where we map out their ideal client. It gets down to: Who are they? What is their personality like… What books they like, what podcasts they listen to? How do they spend time? What does their typical day looks like.. but really getting into that headspace because everything is going to revolve around that. So in reality, every client goes through a journey to get to that individual to get to that business, and understanding that playing first and say, okay, who am I talking to? And how do they get to me? That’s the core of marketing.”