FREE LIVE TRAINING: How to Market your
    Law Firm Using Social Media

    For Female-Owned Law Firms who want more authentic and impactful
    marketing for their firms

    Hosted by Samantha Jade, Marketing Strategist

    Friday, March 18th at 12PM EST

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    You’re wanting to take the reins on your own marketing or wanting to get a better understanding of it to have your team implement it in a way that feels more
    authentic to you.

    This webinar will guide you through the most important elements needed to build a strong foundation for your marketing and help you gain a better understanding of some of the platforms available to you to organically market your firm.

    (Mind-blowing clarity about social media marketing in less than an hour)


    Your whole business has sustained itself through word of mouth but will that always be enough?

    “I despise social media. It’s just full of gossip”

    “I tried it and it didn’t work”

    “We spend thousands of dollars on marketing every year and I haven’t received one call from it”

    “I don’t have the time to commit to it. I need to focus on billable hours”

    “I don’t want to sell. I just want to help people”

    “I don’t even know where to start”

    These are all things we’ve heard from the hundreds of business owners that we’ve worked with and we don’t blame them… there’s a LOT of noise out there, from a MILLION AND ONE marketers telling you to try THIS and THAT without any consideration for the amount of HOURS that it takes out of your day.

    You didn’t go to law school to be a marketer. You went to law school to practice law and help people.

    After years and years of sorting through the noise, we’ve developed a framework that focuses on marketing law firms by helping them build relationships with their clients and showing up to the online world as their authentic selves rather than someone a marketer told them to be.

    In the legal industry, what sets you apart from every other firms is not “excellent customer service”, “24/7 support”, that you’re “the best” or “the experts”, or your “win count”…. IT’S YOU THAT SETS YOU APART so why is your marketing reflecting differently. 

    What you DON’T need….

    You don’t need to dance in front of a camera

    You don’t need to be cookie-cutter

    You don’t need to spend countless hours focused on your social media that would otherwise be billable hours or time invested into growing your firm

    You don’t need to be someone you’re not

    You don’t need to show up how everyone expects you to (We’re officially tossing out the panty hose!)

    What you DO need….

    A strategy that is built to represent YOU

    A strategy that is in line with what your business goals are (and YOUR personal goals as well)

    A strategy built around your Ideal Client and the type of clients that are the BEST fit for your firm

    A framework that is mindful of the time you really have available to invest in your marketing

    A framework that can be implemented by someone in your office rather than something else to add to your workload

    You need a strategy that is RELEVANT, AUTHENTIC, IMPACTFUL, and INTENTIONAL

    The BEST WAY to market yourself is to BE yourself.

    We’d love for you to join us.

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