Do you measure success by the number in your bank account?

If you do, you need to STOP! IMMEDIATELY!

“Metrics” doesn’t need to be a bad word!

Metrics are just numbers and I can say with certainty that there are so many small business owners out there who simply do not track them.  They just DO and measure their success by the number in their bank account. 

I’m here to tell you that the balance in your bank account is not indicative of your success.

I’ve worked with businesses with $2MM in revenue and $200k in the bank then worked with a business with $20MM in revenue with the same $200k in the bank. 

There are so many aspects of your business which cannot be measured by your bank account balance. The balance in the bank account cannot measure the success of your marketing efforts nor can it measure the efficiency of your operations. 

Metrics need to be tracked in all aspects of your business to be able to make educated decisions.

It’s an integral part of its success and its continuity. 

Start small and I guarantee the results will be incredible. 

Tell me friends, what metrics do you track within your business?